Founded in 1990, Fern Street Circus makes a place where community happens by teaching and performing circus arts. Professionals work with learners to co-create every aspect of the show: acts, costumes, props, sets and surroundings. We use available resources, working in public places, offering low and no-cost shows and after-school programs. Fern Street also contributes to community health by changing the way kids feel about exercise. San Diego's #1 original homegrown circus welcomes you to celebrate our 25th Anniversary, led by returning founders John Highkin and Cindy Zimmerman.

"Fern Street Circus is a jewel to the community, not only to our children but the entire family, all ages."

– Tommie Camarillo, Chicano Park Steering Committee


Fern Street Circus

P. O. Box 5864
San Diego, CA 92165

(619) 306-7568

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The Original
San Diego

Founded in 1990